The Prison of Lights (arc)
First EP "The Prison of Lights"
Last EP "The Keys to Victory"
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Kier

The Prison of Lights is the fourth storyline arc of Thrilling Intent. It takes place in the Prison of Lights.

Plot Summary Edit

The four enter the Prison of Lights, Gregor carrying the Light of Shrouds. Their passage is stopped by a giant door that requires four lightstone keys.

They obtain these through various means, avoiding the spiritfolk bound in the Prison the whole time. In the process of getting the last key, however, they alert the monster by accident. They make their way out of the Prison with it hot on their heels and thankfully come out unscathed.

Trivia Edit

  • Ashe is level 6 and Gregor level 5 by the end of this arc.
The Prison of Lights (arc)
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