Alaran on the official map

The Alaran Empire (also known as Alaran) is the country in which Thrilling Intent begins. The storyline arcs The Adventure Begins, the beginning of The Adventure Began, and Incorpageddon take place here.

History Edit

Alaran is known as the trade powerhouse of The Free Isles. The nation formerly owned several colonies including the former nation of Grius. However, it has been stated that infighting between the corporations has turned their eyes inwards.

Little else is currently known about the history of Alaran, however it is presumed that it may be ruled by an Emperor/Empress as the nation's title suggests.

Culture Edit

The Alaranni are known for having a penchant for money and bureaucracy. Alaran is a strictly human country and its inhabitants, particularly those in charge, are known to be quite intolerant of non-humans. They also frequently seem to regulate the power they give to their citizens and hold a general dislike of anyone with a rebellious spirit and means to overthrow the high-ranking members of the Alaran society. Their holidays are known to be generally unpleasant; for example, on Tax Day - on the 25th of December, creatures known as Tax Goats come and take money from citizens, allegedly also killing 10% of the Alaranni population. Thog claims every holiday is "a day when you stay inside and cower in fear."

Silver, specifically silver jewellery, is a sign of stature in Alaranni culture and is one way the Alaranni like to flaunt their wealth.

Characters From Alaran Edit

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