First Appearance "Man on Fire"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations The Shrouded Isles
Race Spiritfolk
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Red
Hair Colour Fiery
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Orien is the spiritfolk Warden of Azhel's prison. He appears in The Shrouded Isles (arc).

History Edit

The group meets him on Azhel as part of their task for Kyl'il. Orien takes them to where the five spiritfolk prisoners are and watches as they work out who among them is innocent.

He is impressed by their (=Markus') ability to resolve the puzzle so quickly, especially since he'd tampered with the prisoners' bindings beforehand to make it more difficult. He gives Markus the cloak of the former human Warden and bids the group a fond farewell.

Personality Edit

Orien seems to be a bit of an experimentator, as evidenced by him attempting to make a new human Warden 'out of the bits of humans'. Kyr is not very fond of him, saying that he scares him.

He appears to be very loyal to his duties and he does not leave Azhel much, if at all. He seems to like tricking others - his mischievous nature caused him to instantly click with Markus.

He is, however, a rather bad judge of character and seems to trust others easily. It didn't take much pretending to persuade him of Markus' 'wisdom'.