First EP "Set Sail for Trust"
Last EP "Full Circle"
Appearing characters Gregor, Ashe, Markus, Kier, Thog

Incorpageddon is the sixth storyline arc of Thrilling Intent.

It's time to move on to greener pastures, but this pasture appears to be astro-turf.

Plot Summary Edit

The group finds themselves back where it all started, and Ashe and Thog snap. Chaos and carnage runs rampant as a result of their rage, and Markus and Kier's "fun". It ends with Meadshire burned to the ground yet again and the group now officially employed by Thog, who declared them as "entrepreneurs". The five of them then head back to The Shrouded Isles and set up shop in Nine Shrines .

Trivia Edit

  • With three episodes, this is the shortest arc of the series.
  • Ashe gains her nickname "Aesling the Neckstabber" in this arc, which becomes a running joke in later episodes.
"Set Sail for Trust" - "Burn it Down, Obvious Choice" - "Full Circle"
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