Zeth told me to go out and draw the world, but, well, I’m garbage with a brush. So instead I’m hoping that words will suffice.


First Appearance "Romance of the Four Clans Part 10"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Zeth
Race Human
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Blue (right eye), Green (left eye)
Hair Colour Strawberry Blonde
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Firi is a side character in Thrilling Intent. She debuts in Romance of the Four Clans Part 10, before returning during the Everything is on Fire arc.

History Edit

Not much is known about her. When she spoke to Gregor while he was searching for Ashe, she mentioned being sent by the Zeth to 'draw the world', but since she's not good at drawing, she decided to describe the world in words. It's possible she lived with the Zeth for most of her life, as she mentions she hasn't ever seen as many people as there were gathered in Xinkala. She mentions being sent by them once again during Everything Is On Fire Part 7, to keep an eye on the city.

In A Storm Part 49, it is revealed that Firi is originally from Freearch. Her town was consumed by the country's southbound winter, eventually causing everyone aside from her to starve. Her father died when she was two, so she was raised by her mother for most of her life. After many harsh years of starvation, the members of her village tried to leave to look for others; unfortunately, due to the obfuscating weather, they only ended up going further north. Everyone else "succumbed to the cold", but Firi was saved by "[her] guardian" who is the reason she can use her powers.

Appearance Edit

Firi is slightly shorter than Gregor and has shoulder-length, strawberry blonde hair. Her most defining features are her heterochromatic eyes, her right eye a deep blue and left a vibrant green. She has faint violet tattoos or markings of some kind beneath them.

After the events of BIG WAR, she lost her left leg. She then had a peg leg for a time, eventually replaced with a more advanced prosthetic leg from Harlock by the end of Harpy's Nest.

Firi dons a deep violet hat with a fluff of white fur and a purple feather and a ruby scarf with a golden brooch. She wears a simple white shirt with a black bodice and a dark blue pleated skirt covered by a simpler, red one, held up by a leather belt.

Her instrument of choice is a golden lyre.

Personality Edit

She seems have a penchant for being obscure; many of the things she says can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, such as her telling Gregor 'there's something strange in [Xinkala]'. She appears to be interested in observing people and what they search for. Her predictions are also read as haikus, although the one in Everything Is On Fire Part 7, as mentioned by Colvin, is off in syllables.

She intends to be helpful, as shown when she chooses to educate Narn on the thought process of humanity, and saving Colvin from the Gold Clan tunnels as they're burning. She mentions that she can only be an observer to the events in Xinkala and that she is hopeful Gregor can help the people there.

She seems to have an interest in monsters and mythical creatures and wants to find a creature no one believes to exist.

Abilities Edit

  • Firi has proven to be very physically strong, and has a similar workout regime to Gregor.
  • The ability to "obliterate larger constructs...of inky blackness"
  • The ability to break and repair objects, or summon spectral imitations of past objects. This power seems to be some sort of time manipulation.
  • For a limited amount of time, she can turn a dying person into her familiar as seen with Gregor, it is unknown how this would affect a living person. 

Relationships Edit

Gregor Edit

Firi seems to respect Gregor, asking him to save her friend during the attack in Xinkala and gifting him a clarinet afterwards.

Narn Edit

Narn treats her positively, and takes her advice on the intricacies of humanity. They even give her a friendly noogie, though when she protests their attack on the city, they pay it little heed.

Markus Edit

Ashe Edit

She and Ashe developed a close friendship during the Harpy's Nest arc, ending with Ashe giving Firi a "New Best Friend" star. She and Ashe are now in a relationship as of episode 215, when Ashe confessed romantic feelings for Firi.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, when talking about her past, she is often questioned as to whether her town became cannibals.

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