Dealing with Death
First EP "Tough Crowd"
Last EP "Party at the Nine Shrines"
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Kier, Thog..
Dealing with Death is the fifth storyline arc of Thrilling Intent. It takes place in the Shrouded Isles.

Plot Summary Edit

The group just manage to escape the Prison of Lights with their lives and emerge on the isle of Talthir. Upon arrival, they find a stage - Markus attempts a makeshift performance, to the joy of the spirit Yoroch. Afterwards, Kyr leads them to a long-abandoned bar just before the shrines on the end of the island, a place where dead supposedly used to party before passing onto the afterlife. The name on the rock in front translates in Ishtolen to "No Regrets", but Kyr dubs it the Nine Shrines Bar.

They take a small break around the campfire, and each end up sharing shreds of their history with each other before they rest for the night. In the morning, the group attempt to formulate a plan before setting out for the shrine of the death god, Charoth. When they arrive at the shrine, it appears and they engage it in combat, eventually proving - temporarily - victorious.

After the battle, they enter the shrine, wherein they find the corpse of a man that is revealed to be Kyr's father. He holds a note stating the reason that Charoth was causing chaos stemmed back to Kyr's childhood - after refusing to sacrifice his son, the man engaged the god in combat, who slaughtered the humans across the islands in retribution. He was, like the group, victorious, but found himself unable to kill it absolutely and ended up choosing to raise it after it reincarnated to prevent a similar catastrophe. Death was suspended because it viewed him as a father and he found it was his time to die, Charoth ultimately refusing to let him pass on. The note then tells of a bell within the shrine - one of Charoth's incarnations - and a spell which could kill a spirit absolutely that Markus refuses to use.

They then reach the bell and awaken Charoth once more, encouraging it to chase them as they track back they way they came. Markus and Ashe jump back onto the stage while Gregor and Kyr hold it off - they act out a play of romance, displaying that for humans, death is simply another part of life that must be allowed to resume on the islands (and culminating in a kiss). Charoth, apparently moved by the play, changes form into a smaller creature, which Ashe immediately takes a shining to - though Gregor still feels as though they should kill it,

They all pile into a boat, heading back to Ishir and eventually Kinir, where they, the other spirits of the isles, and Thog all throw a party celebrating their victory.

Trivia Edit

  • The group finds the Nine Shrines Bar, which later becomes their home base in this arc.
Dealing with Death
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