Charoth shrimp

First Appearance "Ghost Beach Episode"
Alias God of Death, The Raccoon
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations The Shrouded Isles, Spiritfolk
Race Spiritfolk
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Black (humanoid)
Hair Colour White (humanoid)
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Charoth is a side character that first appeared during The Shrouded Isles (arc). He has since appeared on numerous occasions whenever the group is back on the Nine Shrines Bar in between adventures.

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We don't know much about the current incarnation of Charoth's personality especially considering his age.

Charoth's past incarnation was notable for being much more traditional compared to the Nine, at least compared to the extravagant Fox King. He was spared by the Alarani during their invasion, not only that but he was worshiped and given sacrifices in return for prolonged life.

Abilities Edit

What made Charoth a member of the Nine was his power of the domain of death, allowing him to suspend the afterlife, prolong a persons life, and much more.

As a giant shrimp Charoth is able to attack and destroy a ship with relative ease, at least while in the water. His mouth is allegedly a portal to the afterlife, since none of the spiritfolk he ate came back it's safe to assume there's at least some truth to this.

As a God of Death Charoth is able to summon inky black creatures from wisps, this is possibly what happened to the Spiritfolk he took and consumed

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Charoth seems to view Ashe as a sort of mother figure.

Gregor Edit

Gregor mistrusts Charoth and has attempted to kill him.

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  • Charoth's name was originally spelt Cha'roth.[1]

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