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Altreia is a country in The Free Isles. The storyline arc The Adventure Began takes place here.

History Edit

Most of Altreia's history is unknown, however, we are aware of the creation of the progenitor golem, Varyndir. This golem used to accompany the king, but was later smashed to pieces by his order, since it was extremely irritating. Only Varyndir's head survived and was hidden away to an unknown place.

A thousand or so years later, conflict arises in Altreia over the empty throne, the lesser royalty haggling for the right to rule. To address this, a paladin order was created and given a task; they must find the head of Varyndir and bring it to Altreia's capital, so it can decide on the new sovereign. The leader of the paladins, Captain Aftin, found the head, but kept quiet about it to keep recieving funds from the Altreian government.

The Adventure Began Edit

However, with the help of Ashe, Gregor and Markus, the head was retrieved and the Captain forced to bring it to the capital. Consequently, Varyndir picked the Captain as king.


As the group (sans Ashe) travels back to Doonlayan, they learn from Colfus that after they left the Altreia, the golems came to power. The Golems, they learn, have been able to run the nation smoothly, being able to do things such as keeping the people fed, increasing organisation, planning an aqueduct from Fort Vilebrand to Doonlayan, and getting rid of the swamps. However, the problem with the rabid golems eating people still persists.

Culture Edit

Also described as the 'land of paladins and golems', Altreia places a good amount of emphasis on those two aspects of its culture. It seems to be a largely, if not entirely, a human country. It is a kingdom; as such, kings are the main sovereigns.

Paladins Edit

Paladins are a well-instated class in Altreia and there may be many of their orders existant in it. One of the oldest orders - now known as The Varyndir Order, named this after their holy quest: to find the head of Varyndir - used to worship beauty and golemancy as a sort of celebration of humans themselves.

Golems Edit

Golems have an important place in Altreian culture. The first golem, Varyndir, was created a thousand years ago, according to Captain Aftin. Its creation brought upon the 'Silk Age' - an era of golems designed in Varyndir's image, emotion and all. In recent years, however, having a golem that feels or even speaks is generally frowned upon in Altreia, though with Varyndir's return, this could change.

Characters From Altreia Edit

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