"The Prison of Lights"
Storyline Arc The Prison of Lights (arc)
Number of EP 24
Date of Release May 27, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier
Location Prison of Lights
"The Prison of Lights" is the first episode of The Prison of Lights (arc). The four enter the Prison of Lights, the dark and unsettling atmosphere enveloping them as they delve deeper.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Stepping inside the Prison of Lights, Ashe reminds everyone to be careful. They come to a large opening in the ground and she states Gregor should go first, since he has the Light of Shrouds. He jumps down before she's able to tell him to be careful again. She notes that Kyl'il didn't tell them how to activate the lantern, so it currently isn't emitting any light.

With Kier's help, Markus and Ashe rappel down the hole. The inventor follows shortly afterwards, landing safely thanks to an invention of his. They walk across an elevated platform, seeing creatures scatter around in the darkness below them.

The monsters flock near the platform, attracted to their presence, scratching and skittering about. The ambience is dark and pressuring, and the group sticks close together. Markus asks Gregor for the Light, promising to give it back if he succeeds in lighting it. He does, by whispering the word for 'light' in the language of the spiritfolk, which he learnt from Kier. He gives it back, telling Gregor the word as well.

With the lantern now emitting light, they press on, eventually encountering a gate. As they approach it, they hear loud thumps from beneath. While Gregor opens the gate by bringing the Light close to it, Ashe, Markus and Kier see a giant, unnerving, shadowy creature briefly appear next to the gate. Their nerves are on edge as they proceed.

The shadows get darker and darker and they can still hear scratching from below. They come to another gate, and as Gregor tries to open it again, something slams into the platform's side. They hear thumps and scrambling; the gate flies open. Kier takes charge, beckoning the others to follow as the shadowy creature from before struggles to get up the platform.

They stop before a reinforced door. Gregor's Light is the only thing keeping the darkness at bay now, and even then it only illuminates a small area around him. Markus can still see fine, though. They open the door to find it leads to an intersection; the way forward is blocked by another door, the side passages are traversable. Kier inspects it, remarking that the locked door will need four keys of lightstone - stone that emits light.

They figure they'll need to find them in the dungeon and ponder which of the two ways they should go. Markus suggests the left corridor. They secure the door they came through earlier, putting something in the opening so as not to get trapped inside the dungeon.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyl'il has the ability to see through lanterns she has lit.

Quotes Edit

  • Markus: "Gregor, not this time. No more metaphors. This time, the death is real. The danger is actual. And, uhh..there's no sheep involved."

  • GM: A slight impact rocks the balcony way, he turns around, crosses his arms and loudly declares:
  • Kier: "Behold the power of barely understood technology!"

  • Gregor: "You guys want some trail mix?"

  • Ashe: "And the lightstone is..?"
  • Kier: "A form of stone, naturally emitting light."
  • Ashe: "Alright, just wanted to make sure."
  • Kier: "It's quite aptly named."
  • Ashe: "..fuck off, Kier."
The Prison of Lights (arc)
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