"The Dungeon Whisperer"
Storyline Arc The Prison of Lights (arc)
Number of EP 26
Date of Release Jun 10, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier
Location Prison of Lights

"The Dungeon Whisperer" is the third episode of The Prison of Lights (arc). The group finds a golem and an acid vat that may be useful later. They narrowly avoid an encounter with the shadowy creature.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The group pauses briefly to allow Markus to recover from obtaining some of the memories from the monster they fought. They decide to go through the other door in the room, which, through a passage, leads to a room with two doors.

The wall above one of the doors has sustained heavy damage and a large opening connects it with the hallway outside. Both Ashe and Kier get a bad feeling from it and the group takes the other door.

Inside the room is nothing but broken planks and tables; once again, two doors lead out of it. Upon inspecting the farther one, Markus notes that there is another room on the other side, but it has no door.

As they can all hear and feel the shadowy creature nearby, they wait for a while until it passes. They sprint to the other side afterwards, finding an armless golem that is also missing a leg in the room there. Kier translates the runes scribed on it as 'acid maintenance'.

A corridor connects this room with another one, a vat filled with acid sits in it. After examining it, they find it has a magical current running through as well. Kier deduces the golem is meant to be in the vat for some reason. Suddenly, the four hear the creature and quickly scurry back to the other side of the corridor. Ashe catches a glimpse of the horrifying thing in the corner of her eye as she runs in and shuts the door.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Markus: "I will walk over an ocean of imp bits if that's what it takes."

  • GM: The table is fractured into a thousand pieces.
  • Markus: "Hmm, better."
  • Ashe: "Why? Why, Markus?"
  • Markus: "I'm not here to take chances, Ashe."

  • Gregor: whispering "So let's throw him in here!"
  • Kier: whispering "It's missing both of its arms. Why would we-"
  • Gregor: "So?"
  • Kier: whispering "And a leg, how would-"
  • Gregor: "And?"
  • Kier: whispering "It would just sink."
  • Gregor: "Yeah?" pauses " deep is this thing?"
The Prison of Lights (arc)
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