"Out of the Furnace and Away from the Fire"
Storyline Arc The Prison of Lights (arc)
Number of EP 28
Date of Release Jun 24, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier
Location Prison of Lights

"Out of the Furnace and Away from the Fire" is the fifth episode of The Prison of Lights (arc). The group finds out the lump of coal can forge them a lightstone key; they retrieve lightstone and other metals from the storage room.

Plot Synopsis Edit

As the lump of coal talks more, it becomes clear it's addressing Gregor, since he carries the Light of Shrouds. It seems to believe that Gregor is its master and that he has conquered his fear of light.

With some help from the others, Gregor plays along, asking the coal where the lightstone keys are. It says that it's able to forge a key within the furnace, but it needs materials, so it will lead them into the storage room. Gregor names it Buddy.

They head back through the previous rooms to a door leading out to the main hallway. The store room's door is entirely made of metal and the coal simply says Gregor should have no trouble destroying it with his 'infinite power'.

Markus tries to unhinge the door with eye-beams, injuring his ankle in the process. He manages to do so it on his next try; Ashe and Kier catch the door before it falls and, with Gregor's help, place it in the store room.

Inside, they find the lightstone along with ingots of another metal inside a crate. They figure they could have Buddy make something else as well. Kier carries the crate and Ashe helps Markus walk. They make their way back to the furnace.

After putting Buddy back into it, they go to gather some fuel so that it can forge. Ashe gets the corpse of the creature that was imprisoned in the other room, but ultimately doesn't throw it in, discouraged by the others.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus uses his eye-beams for the first time in this episode; they become rather iconic for him later on.

Quotes Edit

  • Buddy: "This power, so twisted and dark.."
  • Markus: "Hm, I think it's talking about me."
  • Buddy: "A spiritfolk without equal."
  • Markus: "Maybe not me."

  • Gregor: " keep your friends close.."
  • Ashe: whispering "And your enemies closer."
  • Gregor: "Preferably not."

  • Gregor: "Oh it is, but where's the fun in that? I like to see..others..struggle. Because I sure am evil."

  • Kier: "I'm regretting the fact that I specifically engineered all of my bombs to have the largest and loudest explosions possible."

  • Ashe: "Can you walk?"
  • Markus: "I can hobble." I take one step and fall flat on my face.

  • Markus: "Let's go gather some devious endtables."

  • Kier: "Now, I know this is a bad idea, because I was considering it before you and immediately put it on my 'bad ideas' list."
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