"Massacre in Meadshire"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Begins
Number of EP 3
Date of Release Dec 24, 2013
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Thog, Old Inny
Location Alaran

"Massacre in Meadshire" is the third episode of The Adventure Begins. The three chase the monster out of the cave, consulting Thog about its nature in the town and finding out it has the Drum of the Destroyer. They begin to fight it afterwards.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Ashe and Markus exit the cave, still pursued by the glaive-flailing Gregor, who is now his regular size, but claims he's still a little angry about Markus' use of magic on him. They notice Tim, the man who tried to give them a quest before they entered the cave, lying on the ground, his body in two halves.

They run back to Meadshire to stop the monster, encountering Abbacus on the way. He is swarmed and being bitten by giant rats; the three decide to help him by throwing him into the well and continue the chase. Thog meets them in front of the town as two adventurers run, screaming about the monster, past the group. He asks them what's happening, getting into an argument with Ashe, who blames his inability to contain the creature before they went to slay it. Gregor and Markus point out they really shouldn't be just standing around and actually go deal with the rampaging ghoul.

They enter the town, immediately seeing it's already become a bloodbath, many of the adventurers and employees already dead, only the guards putting up something of a fight. The creature beats its drum, making the skeletal statue of the Overlord step off its plinth and assault the gem merchant Markus had deceived earlier. The skeleton slaps them both and sends them flying into the inn's front wall. Gregor, Ashe and Thog drag them into the inn.

Ashe asks Thog about the creature and he in turn asks her about what they even saw in the cave. After a short argument, she notices Markus' wounds and leaves Gregor to explain it to Thog. Needless to say, Gregor does a poor job at summarizing what's happened to the three. Ashe, meanwhile, heals Markus, attempting to be secretive about it - the other two notice, though. Thog says he can't identify the monster by what Gregor told him and Markus explains their trip to the cave in clearer terms. Mentioning a drum, Thog remembers that Meadshire #7 once gave away a log that they bought off of a trader once, because they thought it was worthless. It was called the Drum of the Destroyer and ended up with the adventurer who slew the Pigbat King.

The statue of the Overlord, still at the door, pushes its arm through and grasps the gem merchant. The group do nothing. The skeleton carries the salesman out. The group decides to pursue, Gregor engaging him in combat. Markus enlarges him and consults Ashe for advice. They agree on trying to get the drum away from the monster and as the actor from the first episode dressed in a priest's garb distracts it, Markus throws an imp on the creature, telling it to get the drum beforehand. Its efforts are futile as it slides into the drum.

Gregor defeats the skeleton and claims its femur as a club, but then shrinks and cannot hold it anymore. Ashe attempts to get the actor away from the monster, but it hits him in the head, not quite yet fatally. He bleeds out as Gregor drops the femur, pleading with Markus to take his rosary. Meanwhile, Ashe is still near the monster, but it claims to have no interest in her, presumably because of her magic-wielder's intestines. She draws her sword nonetheless, prompting the other two to also enter a battle stance.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of an imp, which Markus later summons rather frequently.

Quotes Edit

  • GM: Ahead of you on the path-
  • Markus: "NO!" I punt the sheep out of the way. "THERE'S NO TIME!"

  • Thog: bewildered "Okay, so uh, you guys, what is this? What is this shit?"
  • Markus: out of breath "Thogamonstergotoutthemine- there's no time."

  • Gregor: I run towards my enemy, but then realize Ashe still has my glaive.

  • Ashe: "Look, Thog. Right now we're in shit so deep, I don't even think it ever had a top."

  • Thog: "Name its characteristics for me."
  • Gregor: "It was really..clammy and cold. And slimy. And there's still a little bit of it on me, ugh. Oh, and it was making a smoothie."
  • Thog: "Uhhh, what was that?"
  • Gregor: "It wanted my belly."

  • GM: Thog elbows Gregor
  • Thog: "Do they think we can't hear or see them from over here?"
  • Gregor: shocked "Are you not listening to me?"
  • Thog: "Gregor, honestly, no."

  • Markus: I enlarge Gregor.
  • Gregor: "Why would yOU DO THIS?"

  • Ashe: "Listen- I don't know why I'm trying to reason with you, what am I doing?!" I pull out my sword.

  • Gregor: glaive drawn "You want some bits? Have a bit of this!"
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