"Ghost Beach Episode"
Storyline Arc The Shrouded Isles (arc)
Number of EP 14
Date of Release Mar 11, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Thog, Charoth
Location The Shrouded Isles
"Ghost Beach Episode" is the second episode of The Shrouded Isles (arc). The ship is attacked by the monster. The trio are killed while attempting to flee, but they are brought back to life at the shore of an island thanks to a mysterious man. They decide to explore the island.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Three days after the previous episode, the trio is woken up by the sounds of sailors screaming. One in particular yells that something actually happened. Markus peers into the water and spots eyes looking back up at him. He's approached by two panicking thugs who clearly admire him and to calm them down, he gives them each a playing card, telling them they'll protect the two.

Soon enough, a giant monster resembling a sea serpent appears. It coils around the ship. Gregor, realizing this is the monster they're supposed to slay, points out they can at least get it out of the way. Ashe notices Thog abandon ship in a life preserver and takes two of them from his cabin. She gives them to Gregor and Markus and pushes them and herself overboard, hoping the monster is preoccupied with the ship enough for them to escape.

However, it chases them, catching up to the trio easily, and kills them. Their remains wash up on a beach, where Thog is just asking the two thugs from earlier how they survived; they mention the 'magic' cards. Upon noticing the corpses, he goes to confirm they're really dead. The two thugs refuse to loot Markus' corpse, but happily look through Gregor's belongings.

Meanwhile, in the ethereal realm, the trio notice their situation. Gregor is clearly distressed by this turn of events, and after attempting to calm him down, Ashe despairs as well. Markus encourages the two somewhat, saying they just have to keep on going. The group notices a figure sitting on the beach. They approach him and he welcomes them to death. He tells them he'll let them use his bell - motioning to a circle of runes on the ground - because he 'respects them', then leaves.

Markus is the first to enter the circle and is instantly pulled back into the material realm, flourishing dramatically as doves fly out from his cloak and the two thugs tackle him, happy to see he's alive once more. Gregor follows suit and after Ashe also comes back to life, admits he overreacted. Thog walks over, asking them what happened. The thugs seem to believe Markus brought the three back from the dead and he does not deny this. Ashe asks Thog whether he knows where they are and he says he only knows they're somewhere in Grius. He proceeds to inspect the wreckage, trying to see if any gold survived. The trio decides to go further inland to explore.

Trivia Edit

  • Gregor carries food (specifically in this episode, rice cakes) in his pouch.

Quotes Edit

  • Markus: "Did you, like- were you-"
  • Ashe: I slap Markus as he's talking.

  • Thog: to Markus' corpse "Yeah, this one. I'm not even surprised about this one. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't just dissolve when he hit the water."

  • Markus: "Being dead is another kind of being alive! Except you're dead."
  • Gregor: distressedly wails

  • Gregor: "It's just a coincidence, he's probably talking to Thog..getting too close to him."
  • Ashe: I glance over at Thog in the distance.

  • Gregor: "..did we just meet God?"

  • Thog: "I- sorry, um, I think my brain just shut off there, watching three people come back from the dead, what the fuck did you do? I blame Markus, Markus, what did you do?"

  • Ashe: "I'm sure it would've helped if any of you actually knew how to s-"
  • Markus: "Ashe, we've been over this, I cam swim with the best of-"
  • Ashe: "You don't know how to swim, Markus!"
  • Gregor: "You wouldn't teach me, Markus!"
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